If there is one day most of us anticipate to have or want snow this winter, it's definitely waking up to a ''white Christmas'' on Christmas morning. There's something special about watching the snow fall while the family unwraps gifts and gathers inside a warm home for the holiday. But, will we be able to make snow angels or build a snowman in Ohio on Christmas morning?

Ohio Will See A Lot of Snow This Winter

A "white Christmas" is defined as having an inch or more of snow on the ground on Christmas morning. While some may want to see snow on the ground, others may want to avoid it since there will be a lot of traveling on Christmas Day in Ohio. According to the Farmer's Almanac, most of the United States and Canada will experience near-to-above-normal snow. Above-normal precipitation and snowfall will be seen overall during the winter season for most of Ohio. Winter will also be colder than normal in Ohio this year, according to the Almanac.

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Will There Be a White Christmas in Ohio This Year?

While the Farmer's Almanac does predict a lot of snow for Ohio in late December, that might not actually happen until after Christmas. While most of the Great Lakes region — including Ohio’s neighbor to the north, Michigan — are expected to have snow on the ground Dec. 25, Ohio only has a slight chance of seeing snow on Christmas. For most of the region, it will be rainy with mild conditions instead.

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