I realize it's been a few years since I had to get up for school and I don't want to be "back in my day" guy but aren't kids getting up earlier for school than they used to?  Also, wouldn't be better for a family with working parents to start later and end later?  This debate is not a new one and continues to this day.  But what we may be forgetting the more important issue that children are not getting enough sleep.

In an article on wzzm13.com, we found that California will become the first state in the nation to push back school start times in an attempt to help academic performance  by giving kids more time to sleep. The new law would prohibit high schools from starting before 8:30am and middle schools can't start before 8:00am.   Studies have shown that lack of sleep is one of the major factors that inhibits students in reaching their potential.  Get more information from the American Academy Of Pediatrics by clicking HERE.

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