A recent product ban will soon affect some grocery stores in the U.S. The ban affects products sold over the counter to minors that could risk their health. Will Ohio grocery stores be next to follow suit?


What Products Will Be Banned Soon From Some Grocery Stores?

New York State will be the first to ban the sale of weight loss and muscle-building supplements over the counter to minors. Governor Kathy Hochul signed the bill into law on October 25, which will take effect in April. There's a $500 fine for any store caught selling these supplements to minors. According to Harvard, the reason for the ban is that there isn't enough scientific evidence of the safety or effectiveness of these supplements:

Some products have been found to include dangerous ingredients linked to serious health risk including stroke, testicular cancer, liver damage, and death. Use of these products also has been linked to increased risk of eating disorders and illicit anabolic steroid use in youth and young adults. 

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Minors can still purchase whey protein in powder form and protein shakes.


Will These Products Be Banned From Ohio Grocery Stores?

While several other states have tried to follow suit, New York State is the only state that has been successful in banning the sale of these products at grocery stores to minors. California also recently tried to pass a similar law that was vetoed. Similar bills have been introduced in Massachusetts, Missouri, and New Jersey. Ohio has yet to introduce any bills to prohibit the over-the-counter sale of these weight-loss and muscle-building supplements to minors.

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