From I-94 near Battle Creek to I-69 near Fort Wayne, we've experienced terrible multi-car accidents due to white out conditions.  For example...

Just after 10 am on a Friday morning in January of 2015, car after car and truck after truck plowed into each other, one by one on I-94 both Eastbound and Westbound near Battle Creek.  The final count was 123 vehicles which included a truck hauling 40,000 lbs of fireworks.  To add fear on top of fear in this terrible accident the fireworks truck exploded.    Revisit that story and video by clicking below.

Then, just a month later I was involved in a 50 car pileup on I-69 Southbound just North of Fort Wayne, IN.  This too was a frightening white out situation.  Check out the video footage below.

My fiance was VERY happy about how insanely prepared I was for the situation.

Each winter I put a travel snow shovel, blankets and a couple bags of salt in my car.  I ALWAYS travel with gloves, coat and hat.  You never know when you may get stranded in the cold.  We were stranded for 6 hours.


Then there's after the storm!  Click below to get the full story.