The Motor City was just named "The Most Hated City in America."  Three Ohio cities also made the list. recently released a study of the most hated cities in the United States.  The website factored in Pew surveys, Travel and Leisure polls, the Gallup-Sharecare's wellbeing index and other sources.  To find out the complete methodology of this study click here.

Out of the 100 largest metropolitans, Detroit grabbed the #1 spot as The Most Hated City in America.  How on earth was Detroit ranked so far ahead of Cleveland, Ohio in this study.  I demand a recount.  Let's take this to the Supreme Court. OK, seriously though, this is ranked on how much the city is hated by outsiders and current residents.  Check out why Detroit, MI is the most hated city according to the five categories below from BestLife,

Community well-being rank: 142
Residents who are proud of their city: 59.3 percent
Population change since 2010: -6.13 percent
Favorability scale: -8.8
Hate Index Score: 100.00

To make us Michiganders feel better I thought we would take a look at Ohio.  Where Michigan has 1 city on this list, Ohio has 3:

#26 Columbus
#15 Cleveland
#13 Cincinnati

See the full list of hated cities by clicking here.

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