I don't want to believe he's leaving but sadly, it's true.

It was just announced on Friday, January 6th that Western Michigan University Football coach P.J. Fleck is leaving Kalamazoo to coach for the Minnesota Golden Gophers.

I am very happy for him because he's a great coach and deserves to go anywhere he wants, to coach a team.  However, having such an awesome coach in your town, taking the college football team to it's first undefeated regular season in 75 years, makes it bittersweet.

But you'll also be taken with just how energetic -- frisky, even; manic? -- the 36-year-old seems. Fleck has a thing for runnin' around the field and hollerin', stopping occasionally to physically mix it up with one of his guys. Watch for the part in this first video where Fleck, having apparently wrestled the ball loose from one player, brandishes it in a taunting manner toward others, as if he's showing a fetch toy to his dogs. - City Pages

Yeah, he may be a crazy person but, he gets the job done.  Plus, I like crazy.  Just watch him GO.

I know he is married but it's OK to look at him...right?

I've decided to take a stand.

I'm not leaving until he comes back.

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