If this were football, you'd have to throw a flag for taunting. A guy in Jackson wins two lottery pots in a ten day span, and now this. A guy in Dearborn Heights, just eleven days later we find out, "accidentally" bought the same lottery ticket twice, so he won two $1 Million dollar prizes. Tell me that's not taunting.

According to the Michigan Lottery, Samir Mazahem matched the five white balls drawn – 01-05-09-10-23 – in the June 9th drawing and won a $1 million prize. But, he accidentally bought two tickets, and as it turned out, each worth $1 million dollars.  Yes. Times two. When I mess up, I get yelled at.

“I went online and bought a ticket using numbers that are family birthdays. I forgot to save the numbers as favorites in the app, so I went back in and set them up as favorites so I could easily play them in the future. What I didn’t realize, is that meant I would be buying a second ticket with the same numbers. Once I figured out I had bought two tickets with identical numbers, I was a little bummed but didn’t think much about it. - Lottery Goofup Samir Mazahem

Now, the only question I have is, when you play the Lottery online, don't you get an email notification? I won three dollars a few months back and about an hour after the drawing, I had an email congratulating me on my unexpected good fortune.

Mazahem says he's going to buy a house and pocket the rest. There's some photos below of Kid Rock's house that's for sale. All of the sudden, that's not out of Samir's price range.

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