Kellogg's Corn Flakes Special Edition Boxes (Denis Doyle, Getty Images, for Kellogg's)

They make a pretty good IPA just down the road from Kellogg's. So you would think this is a match made in heaven, but this match actually was and is made in England.

According to a story on Mental Floss, a local Manchester brewery, Seven Bro7hers is taking some of the Kellogg's corn flakes made at the factory in Manchester, and making an IPA out of them, with an obvious name no less, Throw Away IPA.

It uses corn flakes that didn’t meet Kellogg’s quality standards because they are too big, too small, or overcooked. Each batch of beer uses about 130 pounds of the “upcycled” flakes - Mental Floss

Now, the good news for beer drinkers is an interesting, different take on an IPA. It's said to have a corny taste, which stands to reason. But it also helps out Kellogg's, as it help with sustainability and using more product and creating less waste.

With so many breweries near Kellogg's in Battle Creek, you'd think somebody would want to cut a deal to do something similar. And nobody asked, but I suggest Cocoa Krispies might make for a nice smooth drinking stout. You're welcome.