You're pretty sure you didn't run over a nail.  So, why did this icon just light up on your dashboard?

Who's ready for a little science?

Heat makes air expand.  With that being said, the opposite happens when it gets cold.  Which translates to your tires losing air pressure as the temps drop outside like they did here in West Michigan just a couple days ago.

Why does this matter?  I'm glad you asked.  According to U.S. News,

Getting the right air pressure in your vehicle’s tires is crucial to ensuring a safe, efficient, and comfortable drive. It will also maximize the life of your tires, saving you money by stretching the time between expensive tire replacements.

Those are good points but just the tip of the iceberg.  Driving with low tire pressure can negatively effect the following:

  • Gas Milage
  • Vehicle Alignment
  • Traction and Control
  • Life of Tires and Suspension

Keep those tires inflated to their suggested air pressure and be safe out there.


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