Over the past few days on Facebook and Twitter you may have noticed women posting statuses with the words "#MeToo". This is the most recent popular and important trends to sweep over the social media sites, bringing light to a very tough subject. It was first started by a tweet sent out by Alyssa Milano.

Being the victim of sexual abuse or assault  is an unspeakable burden to bare, especially in a society where victims are terrorized with fear in order to keep silent. I feel like this is not only a great trend but my hat is off to any woman willing to come forward an put themselves out there.

I feel like it's important that we all band together and let one another know that this kind of neanderthal behavior will no longer be tolerated. It's very crucial to the progressive feminist movement that we are all equal and women are not objects.

I encourage anyone who has been a victim to take a stand because you're not alone.


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