A Farmington Hills, Michigan Doctor abused Gold Medalist Aly Raisman during the Olympics and before.

Dr. Larry Nassar, famous sports medicine Doctor from Michigan had an impressive resume. Mlive highlights the Doctors career...

For two decades he was a household name in the gymnastic community, a star in sports medicine and a sought-after physician at Michigan State University. He treated top athletes such as Kerri Strug and Jordyn Wieber, and had a stellar reputation for sports-injury prevention and athlete rehab. He was the team doctor for U.S. gymnasts at four Olympics.


That all came crashing down when Olympic champions McKayla Maroney, and Aly Raisman came forward and told about the horrific abuse buy the teams Doctor.

Aly told 60 Minutes...

"After the Rio Olympics she spoke to FBI investigators about Nassar, who worked with the U.S. women’s national gymnastics teams for more than 20 years."

Aly writes about her experience in her new book called 'Fierce'. Her goal is that no other girl is taken advantage of by someone they trust, and who treats them nice.

Dr. Nassar is currently in jail, CBS explains...

"Dr. Nassar pleaded guilty to child pornography charges but not guilty to charges of sexual assault. More than 130 women, many of them former athletes, have filed civil lawsuits alleging that Nassar sexually abused them under the guise of treating them for hip, back, and other athletic injuries."

The US Gymnastics said that they have made major changes since the Nassar scandal broke.

Aly Raismen Floor Exercise Olympics 2016



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