Michigan Doctor Larry Nassar has been sentenced to 60 years in prison on child pornography charges, and still faces sentencing after pleading guilty to ten counts of criminal sexual conduct.The former Michigan State University doctor had been accused by numerous U.S. women's Olympic gynmasts of sexual abuse.

From Grand Rapids today, ESPN reported:

"Judge Janet T. Neff told Nassar that he had violated the most basic principle of medicine: first do no harm. She said he used his position of authority to sexually assault scores of young women during a decades-long career as a renowned doctor with USA Gymnastics and Michigan State University.... 'It's imperative Mr. Nassar be deterred as long as possible,' Neff said before delivering the maximum allowable sentence for his three federal crimes. 'Mr. Nassar was, is and, in my view, will continue to be a danger to children. He has demonstrated that he should never again have access to children.'"

In a release from the court:

Judge Neff left no doubt that “maximum potential penalties are in order here.” She found the case “unique.” The images Nassar collected were numerous and “like none other that I’ve seen.” She expressed dismay that Nassar was a doctor and was troubled by the thought that he might have “felt omnipotent” for getting away with sexually assaulting his victims when their mother was in the room. “I am a mom. I cannot imagine [the anguish those mothers must feel].”

Among the women to file complaints against Nasser was Olympic gymnast Ally Raisman, who shared her thoughts today in the Player's Tribune.



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