It's getting closer and closer to Halloween and weird things are starting to happen all over the country. There were reports people saw a UFO in New Jersey, and now brains wrapped in aluminum foil are washing up on a Lake Michigan Shore. Imagine the poor dude who came across that discovery. Well, we don't have to imagine, the guy was a local construction worker in Milwaukee and he was blown away when he discovered the brains. Jimmy Senda told Fox 6 the shock he felt on his daily walk on the beach:

I don't really know how to explain it, it didn't register...I was just like, 'What is this?' I came across this square package, wrapped in aluminum foil, and around it, it had a pink rubber band. Curiosity got to me, so I popped it open and it looked like a chicken breast -- kind of. It took a little bit for it to really (register) of what was going on; it was a brain.

This may have been some kind of cheap burial at sea, as flowers and what looks to be a piece of paper with Mandarin writing printed on it were also found with the suspected brain. When police initially arrived at the scene they confirmed that the thing Senda found looked like a brain, and all though they agree on what it appears to be, police in the area are saying that they don't believe the brain came from a human. We will find out for sure from the Racine County Medical Examiner's Office, as they're currently analyzing the specimen.

Hide yo zombies.

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