I (Christine) was out to lunch with my friend Anthony, and we started talking about something that Fish and I have talked about a few times off the air… who should pay on a date?

Anthony was telling me that his 9-year-old nieces gave him some advice when it comes to the love department: remember to pay when you take a girl out. I couldn’t help but laugh since I had just picked up our bill for lunch.

When it comes to the topic of who should pay, I think that we now live in a modern society where most people see it as “whomever asked should pay.” I personally have done them all - paid, gone Dutch, or let my date pay but it's all dependent on the couple when it comes down it, in my opinion.

Christine says that a guy should still pay for the first date but after that it should be a good mix of both. Typical Fish wants you to wait to hear his answer…. After the break! LOL

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