Just because we love winter time in Michigan does not mean that we don't want to see the sunshine.

January 2017 has been cloudy and gray for almost all of the month. Mlive.com explained why the sun has been hiding from us...

"The cloudy times have been caused by a combination of weather patterns. The weather pattern has varied from cold with lake clouds to warm with storm system clouds. And there was that nine day mild period when there was virtually no wind and several days of dense fog."


Here Is The Tally Of The Sunny Days We Have Had In Michigan...

  • Grand Rapids has had no clear days in January 2017
  • Sault Sainte Marie has had one sunny day in January 2017
  • Traverse City has had one sunny day in January 2017
  • Detroit has had two sunny days in January 2017
  • Gaylord has had two sunny days in January 2017
  • Flint has had three sunny days in January 2017

Yet, it is not just  wishing to see the sun, it could have some health issues for a person. According to sunspirite.com here are just a few things that can happen to a person if they are deprived of sunlight...

  1. Your body starts to lack of vitamin D
  2. Sunlight can help prevent obesity
  3. It hurts your ability to fight the flu
  4. Without sunlight childrens eye development could be impacted

So I guess we just need to enjoy all the moments that big star appears.

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