Older men dating younger women is nothing new.  But...How would you feel if your 21-year-old daughter was dating a 52-year-old guy?

OK, let's be honest. Young models and old rock stars is kind of a cliche. But when I saw the picture of Anthony Kiedis of the Red Hot Chili Peppers with his Aussie model girlfriend Helena in this article, something occurred to me: I think there maybe factors that close the age gap in these situations.

Here is my personal theory on why there is and always will be a huge age gap in rock star/model relationships.  It's Hollywood math.

Anthony Kiedis  

Rock Star                        -10 years
Covered in Tatts              -5  years
Rich                                 -10 years
Semi Relevant                 -2 years

Real age:                         52 years old

Hollywood math age:      25 years old



Model                          + 5 years
Not from U.S.              +2 years

Real age:                     21 years old

Hollywood math age:   28 years old
According to my math, Anthony is dating an older woman.  It's science.


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