Yesterday I was driving home on Sprinkle Road when I noticed an "available" sign in front of the location where the Kalamazoo Pizza Company building stands. I heard a rumor a few weeks ago that they had closed down to focus on their food truck, but I never fully investigated it. I pulled into the drive thru area and sure enough, the building was vacant.

TSM/ Mark Frankhouse
TSM/ Mark Frankhouse

There were still pizza boxes inside but nobody was there. I even tried calling their number and it has been disconnected. I tried sending them a message on their Facebook as well, but I have yet to find out if they will be closed for good. But the sign is an indicator that they don't plan on opening up shop again in that building.

I'm actually bummed because that's the one local pizza place I had yet to try out and it looks ike I may have lost my opportunity. Perhaps the news of Erbelli's being voted the Best Pizza In South West Michigan was too much to handle...



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