For one Michigan couple, this wasn't just a nightmare.

According to, John and Joyce Osborne woke up to TWO coyotes smashing through a window in their home in Washington Township, Michigan.  John checked the house for broken windows and found broken glass in their finished basement.

He said he approached a toppled artificial tree near the window and spotted "a big fuzzy thing" curled up next to it.  Osborne said the creature looked like a large fox. 'I got out of there fast.' -

John called the police and animal control officers arrived to extract the coyote to a nearby golf course.  But what John and animal control didn't realize is there was a SECOND coyote still in the basement.  Animal control came back and took the second coyote to the same golf course nearby.

'They must have hit the [window] like an explosion. There was glass up the hallway, glass all over the place.'

Macomb County Chief Animal Control Officer Jeff Randazzo said the coyotes did not seem to be seriously injured.

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