This video will make you believe Bambi was based on a true story.

The Peninsula Open Space Trust posted this video yesterday (Feb 4th, 2020) and nearly broke the internet.  There are several copies of this video now going viral on youtube, twitter, TikTok and facebook.  Here's the original video.  I challenge you to watch it just once.

Watching the coyote playfully lure the badger into a tunnel so they can go hunt together may be the coolest thing the internet has ever gifted us.

The Peninsula Open Space Trust explain that this is a rare sighting,

We know from scientific studies and Native American records that coyotes and badgers have been known to hunt together. But this is the first documentation (that we know of) where a coyote and badger use a human-made structure to travel together safely.

This organization has 50-remote sensor cameras across the southern Santa Cruz Mountains.  They are studying how wildlife moves around the area.

Peninsula Open Space Trust (POST) is a leading private, nonprofit land trust dedicated to preserving the beauty, character and diversity of the San Francisco Peninsula and Santa Cruz Mountain range. Since its founding in 1977, the organization has been responsible for saving 78,000 acres as permanent open space and parkland in San Mateo, Santa Clara and Santa Cruz counties.

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