What TV show catch phrase do you remember or still use to this day?

I was binge watching the TV show 'Fuller House' over the weekend and realized that the show was attempting to introduce a new sitcom catch phrase. The cute, middle son of DJ Tanner repeatedly said "Holly Chalupa". That made me remember the phrases that the original series used, "How Rude", and "You Got It Dude".

So we asked the question...what TV catch phrase do you remember?

Heather from WKFR - 'Sienfield' - 'Getty Up!'

Tess from WKFR - 'The Big Bang Theory' - "Bazinga"

Katie from Kalamazoo - 'Family Matters' - "Did I do that?"

Marcus - Kalamazoo - 'Alice' - "Kiss My Grits!"

Mike from Kalamazoo - 'Good Times' - "Hey Rog."

Kesha from Kalamazoo - 'Sister Sister' - "Go Home Roger"

Shelly from Kalamazoo - 'Home Improvement' -  "Hi-de-hoe Neighbor!"

Matt from Battle Creek - 'The A-Team' - "I Pity The Fool"

Charlie from Kalamazoo - 'Will and Grace' - "Just Jack!"

Cathy from Gobles - 'Happy Days' - "Sit On It!"

Marcus from Kalamazoo - 'Different Stokes' - "What You Talking About Willis?"

Cheryl from Battle Creek - 'Fat Albert' - "Hey, Hey, Hey, It's Fat Albert!'

Sandy from Kalamazoo - 'Welcome Back Kotter' - "Up Your Nose With A Rubber Hose."

Paula from Kalamazoo - 'The Brady Bunch' - "Mom Always Said, Don't Play Ball In The House."

What catch do you remember, do you love, or that you use?


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