A Kalamazoo family's dog went missing during a car accident in Pennsylvania.  What happened next is amazing.

This story starts with a car accident that sounds like it's from a movie according to WWMT,

Jessica Alvarez, 33, and her boyfriend Gary Vetter, 38, were traveling on Interstate 80 in central Pennsylvania when a deer crossed their path. They were returning to Kalamazoo after spending Christmas in New York. While swerving to miss the deer, the car flipped three times.

Asleep in the passenger seat, Alvarez felt her boyfriend arm fling across her chest, then everything went dark.

When the two awoke, relatively unharmed, their two dogs were gone.

They found Jordy their old bulldog less than 2 days after the crash.  However, their 10 month-old Rottweiler mix was still missing.  Alvarez decided if her puppy had to survive outdoors that she would too.  After 12 days of sitting in a camping chair on a tarp and searching all over the area with complete strangers in a city they've never been, finally Nash turned up.  I'm so glad every one is safe and sound.

You can follow the adventures of Jordy and Nash on Facebook below and get the full from WWMT by clicking here.


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