What Kind Of Jerk Would Scam Grandparents? A heartless, soul sucking scum would. A Zeeland couple is out $16,000.

The latest scam going around is targeting grandparents, according to the Michigan Attorney General's office. People posing a grandchildren

or a relative, is the method of the scam.

A Zeeland couple was talked into sending cash via FedEx and obtaining multiple Home Depot gift cards to later share the numbers via phone. Zeeland Police detailed that despite the concern expressed by employees at both locations, the scammer had already manipulated the grandparents enough to ensure they’d follow through with the demands. - Michigan Attorney General's office/AARP joint release

If you have grandparents who might be vulnerable to this type of scam, talk to them, and pass along these tips, from law enforcement pro's:

  • Double check. Attempt to reach the loved one and/or confirm the status or whereabouts with other family members.
  • Spot the red flags. If the caller is frantic on the phone and demands funds be wire transferred, sent in cash, or via gift cards—it’s probably fraud. Additionally, the caller may have just enough personal information to persuade and will likely instruct you not to tell anyone.
  • Slow down. Although you will be pressured to do so, do not act right away. During the call, do not assist scammers in owning the identity of your loved one by guessing the name. Force them to tell you who they are.
  • Never provide personal identifying information to an incoming caller. Never provide your bank account, credit card information, or social security number to someone who calls you. Hang up and call the company or individual back on a phone number you know to be correct to verify.


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