What is on your 'Bucket List'? Here are some ideas that might just land on your list!

This month Ellen Goodwill turned 112, incredible. So we wanted to know what is on the 'Bucket List' of our neighbors, and this is what we heard...

The most popular "Bucket List" item was this...

Hammo Kristo: Sky dive and deep sea dive....how about skydive into a deep sea dive

(Those cats have some guts)!

Some amazing ideas that I hope come true...

Danielle Davis: Visit Australia and all Disney parks worldwide

Tara Schull Haines: Meeting NKOTB!

Jaimie E. Swanger: Climbing a glacier in New Zealand

Jessica Nuyen-Hurn: Retirement!

Laurie Jean Tallman: Hot airballon ride, swim in both oceans

The most selfless and soul rewarding 'Bucket List' response...

Frances Carol-imler Ledezma; Go dig clean water wells in countries where communities have to drink water that will kill them

My favorite and what I think is a very real dream for every Mom out there...

Alicia Vanderhoof- Ritchie: Getting all the laundry washed, folded and put away all on the same day. I dream big as you can see

Remember what Walt Disney once said...All our dreams can come true, if we have the courage to pursue them.

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