Don't let another Michigan winter go by without checking some of these amazingly fun items off of your bucket list.

Michigan was once called a "Winter Wonderland" for good reason.  I know better than anyone, that life gets busy and wintertime up here gets cold.  Next thing you know, it's Spring and you haven't experienced anything fun Michigan winter activities.  If this is the year that you want to get out and enjoy the frozen mitten, these suggestions might help.

10 Incredible Things That Should Be on Your Michigan Winter Bucket List

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What I am about to tell you next will either fill you with joy or sadness.  The winter of 2023 / 2024 is expected to be warmer than average.  Which could mean less snow this year.  With that being said, I'm sure we Michiganders will still have enough winter weather to go dog sledding, ice golfing, and snow tubing.  We can always jump in the car and head to the nearest frozen waterfall for a long weekend trip up North or head to one of the coasts to see ice pancakes in the Great Lakes.  Is there a fun winter activity that you love to do in Michigan that we missed?  Please, let us know in the comments.

Or maybe, traveling to another part of Michigan to stay warm is more your jam.  This place in Genesee County with an "indoor pool oasis" looks freakin' ridiculous.  Sign me up.

Escape the Winter Blues Renting This Burton Indoor Pool Oasis

If hoping a plane to the tropics isn't part of your winter plans, we've found the perfect alternative right here in Genesee County. This saltwater oasis comes with a hot tub, dining area, bathroom, and shower. It's the perfect way to escape the cold, if even for a few hours. Perfect for summer fun too with it's retractable roof. You can rent is now on Swimply. Take a look!

Gallery Credit: Swimply

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