Saving a parking space? Sunbathing in rainy 40 degree weather? Free to a good home? I don't understand what is happening here.

I pulled up into my apartment complex and saw a deck chair in a parking space.


I started asking around the radio station this morning and discovered what could possibly be going on.

My friend informed me that in Chicago, (where parking is hard to find) many people who shovel out a space, but a lawn chair or garbage can in the space to "save" it. That makes total sense to me if you live in an area with few parking options, but...

  1. We don't live in Chicago (or any major city).
  2. For a small extra fee you can rent a parking space from the complex.
  3. Now that you a put a chair there I want to park there.
  4. There is plenty of parking at our apartment complex.
  5. It just looks tacky.

What strange things have you seen in your parking lot?





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