We've joked about it for years...The Grammy for Best New Artist is the Kiss of Death award for a career. Not always, but...For every Maroon Five, Adele, Carrie Underwood or John Legend, the musical road is littered with Bon Iver, fun, Esperanza Spalding and Arrested Development. Now, in all fairness, sometimes real life intervenes, and an artist's demon get the better of them, as was the case of Amy Winehouse.

But after all these years, us KFR folks knew who we couldn't stand anymore and we could only wish on them a Best New Artist Grammy.

You want me to name names, ok. Not all these were winners, but they at were nominated, so that a good start towards the door.

The first one was before my time in radio, but in 1977, The Starland Vocal Band for recording "Afternoon Delight". Serves them right. (Yes, I know. "Anchorman).

In 1991, the legendary Milli Vannili had to give theirs back. How's that for a slap in the face.

In 1993, there was Billy Ray Cyrus nominated for "Achy Breaky Heart". Not sure which is a bigger embarrassment, that song or Miley?

In some cases, you wish the artist had more success. Paula Cole had that monster single, "Where Have All the Cowboys Gone?" But never could match that success. Same thing with Hootie and The Blowfish. They made one of the biggest albums ("Cracked Rear View" was the 16th biggest of all time), and how do you follow that?


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