Last Friday, mine looked a little like this!

Thinkstock/Aleksandra Glustsenko

Well ok, not that bad because I-94 only has two lanes of traffic but it was still worse than I had ever seen it. I commute everyday from Marshall to Kalamazoo and it's not even the amount of time it takes to go back and forth that is bad. It's the amount of traffic that seems to be getting heavier each year. I find myself slowing down or putting on the brakes quite often lately. It must mean a lot more people drive a distance to get to work these days because I-94 didn't seem so bad when I was younger.

I've lived in both Chicago and L.A. and have dealt with my fair share of terrible traffic, but moving back here I wasn't expecting the highway to be so crazy. Oh and does anyone actually pay attention to the sign that says "Keep Right, Except to Pass"? I've seen so many people still driving in the left lane without passing anyone and going slower than the speed limit. lol

I am however happy to be home in Southwest Michigan. So maybe next time I'll just stay off the highway and take a more scenic and laidback country drive.

Tell us what your commute is like whether it's good or bad, long or short.

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