Pink recently sent out a tweet, where she explains that her 6 year-old daughter is embarrassed by her!

So we asked the KFR listeners, how did your parents embarrass you as a kid?

Heather - When I was a teenager, my took me to the mall. I say a cute guy and made mention of it too my Mom. My mother walked up behind the guy and grabbed his butt! When he turned around she blamed me.

Jen - When I was in middle school, my Dad dropped me off at school. As I was walking into the building he yelled, "Don't kiss all the boys today, save some kisses for tomorrow!'

Missy - My Mom was the sex-ed teacher at my school, and all my friends had to sit through her lectures. Every time my Mom said penis, my friend Johnny cracked up. As we got older my Mom started calling Johnny 'Stiffy'. When we graduated from High school and Johnny walked across the stage my Mom screamed "Go Stiffy!"

Heather -  I embarrassed my daughter when I dropped her off at scholl. I call her Peanut Butter and she calls me Jelly. When she got out of the car I yelled at the top of my lungs "Good-bye Peanut Butter, I love you!" Now everyone at school calls her Peanut Butter.

Ahhh, great memories! Share yours on the KFR Facebook page!

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