It has been almost a month since 17 students and faculty members were killed with an AR-15style rifle at a Flordia school. Now Students across the U.S. are protesting.

The nationwide protest is a memorial to the lives the lost and to press lawmakers to create tougher gun control laws. CNN reported that the group organizing the walkout is EMPOWER and they have a few demands that they want Congress to take seriously...

  1. Ban assault weapons
  2. Require universal background checks before gun sales
  3. Pass a gun violence restraining order law that would allow courts to disarm people who display warning signs of violent behavior.

The walkout will take place on Wednesday, March 14th at 10 am local time and will last for 17 minutes. The time frame represents one minute for every life lost at Stone Douglas High School.

Here are our local schools that I know about that are taking part in the protest. It is important to note that no one is being forced to take part in the event, it is only if they choose too.

  • Lakeview School
  • Battle Creek Central
  • Lawton High School Gull Lake High School
  • Kalamazoo Public Schools
  • Parchment High School
  • Vicksburg High School
  • West Middle School
  • Northeastern Elementary
  • Milwood Middle School

When asking about the event, we received these messages from parents.

Amanda L. Bernstein posted on Facebook: "My daughter goes to Milwood Middle and will be participating. She may only be 11, but she understands that no one should fear going to school. She has cried over every mass shooting. My daughter has asked me and my husband questions that no child should have to ask, let alone worry about. Teach your children, let them know about their world. Yes, it's scary, but I will never hide it from her."

Alicia Jackson stated on Facebook: Northeastern elementary school is. My son is 7 and will be participating in the walkout! Something has to change! Unfortunately, this is his world he has to grow up in 

Suzette Butcher wrote on Facebook: Gull Lake will be honoring all 17 students that died. So proud of these kids, they will be the ones to bring change!

Kathie Jones commented on Facebook:  Lakeview schools are but my son is not. He’s staying in class and getting an education that the others no longer can. Walking out makes a statement but solves nothing. Instead, we went over “walking up” again. He’s been taught to walk up and make friends with lonely kids, stand up for others and report bad situations, and to not participate in the act of bullying. Walk up not walk out.

However, you plan to handle the walkout, let it be with love!


BONUS VIDEO: Loy Norrix Students Walk Out In Protest


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