Website Atlas Obscura says Milwaukee is the quirkiest city and it's only a four and a half hour drive from here. It's nice. Try the German food. Brats and red sauce at the ballpark are great, too. But looking at their list, I say Kalamazoo can out quirk Milwaukee.

Photo By: Cassie Pherson
Photo By: Cassie Pherson

Looking at their list, they start with The Bronz Fonz, in honor of Fonzie on TV sitcom, Happy Days.Well, we've got that white whatever it is on Stadium and West Main, right near the train tracks and Walgreen's.

They mention the Art Museum, well, we have one of those; saw the Chihuly exhibit there. And we have an air museum, with real airplanes. Of course, Milwaukee could counter with the Harley Museum. Touche.

They mention a chapel at Marquette University. What about Kanley Chapel at K-College?

There's really good German and Bavarian food there. But then again, there's a lot of good food here. What about Crow's Nest? Or Coney Island? And our pickles are pretty good, too.

Milwaukee has the Pabst Brewery, okay, but with all due respect, it's still PBR. We have how many quality breweries, large and small. And then there's Oberon Day, Take that, Brew Town. Milwaukee has SummerFest, but we have our summer festivals? And we have daylight in the summer til almost 10pm. Milwaukee doesn't.

You want quirky? I've got your quirky. The Lawson Loonies.

The point of all this is, go see Milwaukee. It's a really fun town. Check out Mader's and Karl Ratzsch's, when it re-opens. And they love their bowling, so bring your ball. But what we've got here is pretty special, too.



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