Remember a couple months ago when the government ever so generously gave us $1,200 of our money back to us because the entire country shut down and people used it to buy televisions? It sure would be nice to get another one of those stimulus checks again. But the longer things continue to go, the less likely I feel it's bound to happen. Apparently lawmakers are returning to Capitol Hill this week with the goal of crafting the next coronavirus stimulus bill. Many small businesses have been suffering from the economic collapse this virus has sent us into.

None more so than lemonade stands. Ya, kids making quarters by selling lemonade. I used to see a few of them in the Vine neighborhood and Eastwood neighborhoods all the time before this started happening, and now there's a coin shortage. Luckily, it looks like some of those kids are gonna get the big bailout they're looking for. Country Time (the lemonade maker) is planning to send stimulus checks to children who's lemonade stands have been inoperational this summer because of the Coronavirus pandemic:

We know this will be a rough summer for lemonade stands. And if the big guys are getting bailed out, why shouldn't we help the littlest entrepreneurs get the same treatment?

That's why Country Time has created The Littlest Bailout. An economic relief program to help the smallest of small businesses: lemonade stands.

Stimulus checks* to help kids preserve the values of lemonade stands, honest work, and entrepreneurship, while putting a little juice back into the economy.

Parents who have kids ages 14 and under can sign up to win one of the 1000 *$100 pre-paid Visa gift cards on Country Time's website.

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