If you got a prepaid Visa card claiming it's your stimulus payment, it's legit. Michigan Attorney General Dana Nessel says it's NOT a scam.

Nessel says there's only three ways to get the money out to you.

“As many Americans await their second stimulus payment, it’s important to keep in mind that such payment may be disbursed in three different ways – direct deposit, paper check or prepaid debit card. Mailed stimulus payments will arrive in a white envelope with the U.S. Department of Treasury seal. Michiganders screening their mail for scam offers should watch for that to ensure their stimulus funds are not accidentally discarded.” - Michigan Attorney General Dana Nessel.

Here's what you're looking for, because you know as soon as word gets out about this method of payment, scam artists are going to try to work the system and screw everything up for somebody.

Nessel says the preloaded Visa debit card has the Visa logo on the front and the issuing bank name – MetaBank, N.A. -- on the back. Each mailing will also include instructions on how to activate and use the card.

Says the AG, "those who receive their stimulus payment via prepaid debit card can make purchases online or in-store wherever Visa debit cards are accepted. Recipients also have the option to transfer funds to a personal bank account and check their card balance online via mobile app or phone. The debit card provided by the federal government also includes certain protections against fraud, loss and other errors."

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