A water main break on the city of Kalamazoo's west side has not only brought on a boil water order, but will also force a traffic detour "until further notice".

The broken water main causing the problem is between East Westwood Drive and West Westwood Drive along West Main Street.

Westbound traffic is being routed off West Main, off onto Berkley, then to Hilldale, to Alamo, and then back south on Nichols Road to West Main.

Eastbound traffic is being send south on Solon near Western's campus, to Howard, then east on Stadium Drive towards downtown.

The precautionary boil water advisory through the Kalamazoo County Health and Community Services Department is "for all water intended for drinking or ingestion or any consumptive uses within the affected area:

  1. Main Street – From Sydelle Avenue (western boundary) to Gilkison Avenue (eastern boundary), both sides of street;
  2. Pinehurst – Only the northwest corner of Pinehurst and W. Main Street;
  3. Westwood Drive – From W. Main Street (northern boundary) south to E. Westwood Drive (southern boundary), both sides of street;
  4. Westwood Drive – From W. Main Street (northern boundary) south to W. Westwood Drive, both sides of street.

The city says the advisory is precautionary only; "there have not been any confirmed tests showing bacteria present in the water main at the location of the infrastructure repair.  Initial sampling results will be available within 24 hours of its collection and the final set within 48 hours. It is expected that the advisory will be lifted within 72 hours (September 22)."




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