Yesterday I was sitting on the computer and figuring out what I wanted for dinner tonight when a picture popped up on my screen of this burger that looked amazing. Then I saw that it was a creation made by Nonla’s executive Chef Johnny and Shawarma King (Drake) executive Chef Nidal. They teamed up together to come up with an amazing looking burger.

Together they introduced the Nonla Burger Shawarma King Burger. It contained a 6oz Iraqi kabob patty, lettuce, tomato, onion, Shawarma King garlic sauce, hummus and served with a side of Sambal chili sauce. Now that was gonna take me to slap city. Little did I know that you could already begin to put an order in for the burger and then yesterday before I even had a chance to taste it, it SOLD OUT.

I had no idea they were taking pre-orders and it crushed me. Nonla Burger took to their Facebook and let everyone know just how fast the burger sold out, saying:

Wow!! Think that’s the fastest “sold out” special we have ever had! We had no idea how popular that was going to be. Thank you for all the love and support. It’s safe to say we will be bringing this back again very soon and this will be the first of many collaborations with our friends.

At least they plan on bringing the burger back again soon. Then I'll know to put an order in. Either way, it's awesome to see to local spots come together like this and create something so unique. It'll be interesting to see if other small businesses jump on this idea.

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