When you shop at a Wal-Mart in Ohio, most of us are focused on getting what we need and getting out of the store. We might pay attention to the music playing in the aisles, but we should pay attention when we hear codes over the intercom. It could save your life, especially when we hear a 'Code Brown' alert.

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What Do Wal-Mart Codes Mean In Ohio Stores?

Many retail stores in Ohio use intercom codes to alert employees of different events or direct them to a certain part of the store. According to Common Cents Mom, Walmart codes are often used for general purposes, like communicating customer service activities, spills, stocking shelves, and sales and discounts. Most of the codes include colors or numbers and there are a couple of code words. These codes can also help alert employees and customers of potential danger.

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A Walmart "Code Adam" alerts employees to follow protocols such as locking down the store in the event of a missing or abducted child. "Code Adam" was named after Adam Walsh, who was abducted from a Sears in Florida in 1994, according to Missing Kids. Another potential danger that has made headlines across the U.S. is mass shootings in public places. A "Code Brown" is used if the store is targeted by a threat such as an active shooter. There are other serious codes and some general ones that are good to know too. We've included a list below to break down what each code means.

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