Is there anything cuter on Mother's Day than a Lady your salad?

I took my girlfriend out for a Mother's Day dinner at one of her favorite restaurants in Indianapolis this weekend.  We were digging into our salads having a normal evening.  At one point I thought I saw a lady bug in my salad.  But I thought, "there's no way this place would serve my salad with a dead bug in it."  Took a couple more bites.  And there it was.  YUCK!!!

First of all, are you even cleaning your lettuce?  If you're serving my dead bugs, what else is not properly being cleaned off of your veggies.

They knocked $25 off of our bill.  Really?  The meal isn't free?  Wow!

I'm not going to mention the name of this restaurant.  But let's just say is was not "Just Right" for me or mum.

Close-up of happy woman eating vegetable salad
Jacob Wackerhausen


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