We're looking for the best personal trainers in Southwest Michigan as we work off this pandemic weight gain in 2021.

Voting has ended.  Click here to see the full results of the 2021 favorite personal trainer in Southwest Michigan poll.

The pandemic is been rough on all of us.  There are some who had the self-discipline to workout and stay healthy safely from home.  There are others who have worked out while wearing masks at local gyms every time they opened.  Then there are the rest of us that found it very difficult to get motivated on our own during this "unprecedented time."  That's why we're celebrating those people who bust our humps and keeps us motivated. Vote for your favorite personal trainer in Southwest Michigan below. One vote per person / per day is allowed.  The third party polling system will frequently run an audit removing fraudulent votes from people using bots or IP changers.  Votes from outside of Southwest Michigan will be removed.  Keep it local and fair so you don't get disqualified.  Voting will run from Tuesday, January 5th - Thursday, January 14th.  Results will be posted Friday, January 15th.

Voting has expired.  A third party polling system is currently doing an audit of all votes.  Any votes placed after 11:59P.M. on Jan 14th will be removed.  The audit also checks for and removes fraudulent votes (purchased votes, bots, IP changers and international votes.) Check back here for results at 6A.M. this morning.


Below are the top 5 personal trainers from last year's poll. 

#5. Lydia Bogard at Portage Fit Body Boot Camp with 6.43%

#4. Sloane Hutson At Fit in 30 Battle Creek with 6.99%

#3. Rob Lillie of Lillie Inspired with 8.68%

#2. Jen Beach at Anytime Fitness with 8.7%

#1. Ray Yager at Burn Boot Camp with 8.76%

Click the button below to see the full results from last year.

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