Warning: cuteness ahead.

Today, for Dog Days, we met an adorable puppy named Virgo.

TSM/ Chelsea Rose
TSM/ Chelsea Rose
TSM/ Chelsea Rose
TSM/ Chelsea Rose

Virgo is a lab mix who has a very calm demeanor. She loves kisses, cuddles, and would do great in any home. Virgo was actually a part of a larger litter that was at the SPCA of SW Michigan but, is now the last remaining puppy.

Surprising, I know, especially since puppies are usually the first adopted out of shelters. But it's a symptom of a larger issue which is the decline of adoptions nationwide.

Throughout the country, shelters are finding themselves overwhelmed with animals needing new homes, the SPCA of SW Michigan included.

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While the SPCA of SW Michigan does an amazing job of taking care of the animals in their care, we all know that a shelter is no place for an animal. If you're in a place where you can adopt and have been looking to expand your family, consider adopting Virgo today.

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She's up to date on her shots and will make a wonderful family pet. Contact the SPCA of SW Michigan here.

As well, there are a ton of adult animals that also need homes. Maybe you don't have the time or energy to train a puppy. An adult dog or cat would be a great fit. See all of the animals currently looking for homes here.

Want to Help But Can't Adopt?

You can always donate monetarily or snag some items off of the SPCA's wishlist. In fact, if you already have animals at home, you can bring them out for a fun photoshoot later this month as the SPCA of SW Michigan hosts a fundraiser:

Additionally, you can information on volunteering and fostering here.

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