Even the University President is baffled by the professor's judgement.

A Ball State senior was asked to switch seats by his professor Shaheen Borna.  When that student, Sultan Benson calmly declined, the professor called the campus police.  Benson spoke to Wish TV about the incident,

“The professor asked me to move to that seat,” Benson said. “Mind you, I have my book bag and everything already [unpacked at my seat]. My laptop’s plugged in [and] it’s charging. There was no outlet near the other seat.”

The student points out that the professor did not ask anyone else to move.  He believes this was motivated by his race.

The Ball State administration addressed the issue after the video went viral according to another story from Wish TV,

The president of Ball State University slammed a faculty member’s “unwarranted overreaction” and “gross error of judgment” in a statement emailed Thursday to students and alumni.

You can see the full story including the video that went viral below.

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