As we are finally in the thick of the Cash Code, where you could win $10,000 by entering the 10 daily codewords into our station app, there was a listing that just popped up on the Facebook Marketplace that is some serious Battle Creek history and would make for some awesome decoration. It looks to be an original add for Frosted Flakes cereal from WAY back in the day, that someone was nice and smart enough to put in a frame. There's no information about what year it's from, but judging from the coloring one would have to say late 60's early 70's.

The crazy thing is it only costs $10. That's probably as much as the frame costed to hold it. Kellogg's has been in Battle Creek for almost 116 years, established back in 1905 when it was known as the Battle Creek Toasted Corn Flake Company. Since then they've become a worldwide company employing over 34,000 people, and Battle Creek is home to the yearly, CerealFest, where (normally) the largest breakfast table in the world is assembled for everyone to come out and eat Kellogg's cereal together.

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Kellogg's has around 80 different kinds of cereal and this advertisement reflects the companies humble beginnings. As a fan of old school memorabilia and vintage items, this would be a cool addition to the home. The pick up is set for the seller's home in Otsego, so depending on whether you're near Kalamazoo or Battle Creek, it'll be a small drive to get it. I'm hungry.

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