Seeing a car pulled over by a cop is not that interesting unless the officer is on a horse!

Recently in Detroit, drivers were surprised to see an officer riding a horse, then pulling over an unexpecting motorist.

According to the

Officer Brandon Murphy of the Wayne State University Police Department and Detroit Police's mounted unit was cruising the WSU campus upon his faithful steed Remy when he apparently noticed a whole mess of traffic violations going down. reports that officer Murphy stated that he noticed a driver who was texting while driving, and was not wearing a seat belt. That is when he decided to jump into action and pull over the vehicle. Officer Murphy and his partner Remy cut across  numerous lanes of traffic and made the stop.

Officer Murphy discussed what drivers go through when they realize it is a mounted officer that is pulling them over.

Number one, they are confused because it's a horse but it's usually a shock. "Oh aww. I can't believe I'm getting pulled over by a cop on a horse."

I think that would a great story to tell for years and years...but of course, I hope to never be pulled over!


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Mounted Wayne State University police officer pulls over driver

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