Don't let a day of fun become a nightmare of horror with these simple tips to keep your little ones safe.

I can only imagine that a parents worst nightmare is if there child goes missing. On two occasions as a child, I managed to get separated from my parents. Once was at a local mall (not my fault) and the other was at the Detroit Zoo (my parents claim that was my fault...I don't agree). However if a separation occurs, it is still one of the most frightening moments on both parties part.

With summer just around the corner and families planning vacations or day trips I found 6 ways to keep your precious child safe at the end of the day! has some idea's that I had never even thought of!

  1. Write your phone number on your child’s wrist and cover it with liquid band-aid in case you are separated. The liquid band aid will prevent the ink from rubbing off on the child’s wrists.
  2.  Take a photo of your child using your cell phone the morning of the event so you have their clothing, hair style, and an up to date photo ready to go should you need it.
  3. Teach any child over the age of four to memorize your cell phone number. If they can learn a song, they can learn a number. Being able to tell a safety officer how to get in touch with their grown up will teach kids a valuable life skill and also help them calm down.
  4. Ask, "Who works here?" when you take your child to a busy place. Help them identify employees or lifeguards and then make sure they can tell you how they know that person works here (has a radio on their belt, is wearing a particular shirt, has a nametag) so that they can figure it out without you.
  5. Assume you'll get separated. Give your kids lots of reminders about staying together, but also talk about what you'll do when you can't find each other. This makes kids less scared when it happens and makes the whole group more prepared.
  6.  If you're with your kids somewhere that has assigned seats — a theater, concert, or baseball game, for example — give them their seat ticket to slip in their pockets. Most security guards and ushers will bring kids back to their seat if they know where it is or have their ticket stub.

The first two ideas are the best; I had never thought of doing either of those to keep a loved one safe.

Have a great summer and I would love to hear about any safety tips you have for other parents to keep your children safe!


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