In fact, all Midwest states except for Indiana seem to open to certain forms of public nudity.

A website that sells swimwear and lingerie, Pour Moi, recently released a map detailing rules for topless and nude sunbathing by state in the U.S.  I was surprised to find states like Iowa and North Dakota were among the large number of states with relaxed indecency laws.  However, that's not the case for the Hoosiers.  Indiana has a famous festival called "Nudes-A-Poppin in Roselawn.  This nude festival has been going on since 1975.  How on earth is Indiana the state with the most strict public nudity laws in the Midwest?

According to the Pour Moi website women can be topless in Michigan,

Topless sunbathing was illegal until as recently as 2020 but women can now go topless as they please.

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I was able to confirm that the city of East Lansing passed a law in December of 2020 allowing women to be topless.  However, I was unable to confirm Pour Moi's claims that the entire state of Michigan is free to be shirtless in public.

Then there's Ohio.  Pour Moi claims that women can be topless in public as long as they're not intending to offend people.  That's a strange exception.  Is that to prevent women from protesting topless?

The states with the most strict public nudity laws are Utah, Tennessee, South Carolina and Indiana.

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