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I HATE the "Man Bun", even Leonardo DiCaprio, can 't pull it off in my eyes. Yet here in Michigan the style seems to be picking up steam.

I adore guys with long hair (do not get me wrong) but I think the man bun is too much. I can appreciate the need to pull your hair up off your neck, to cool down or get it outta your face but a bun...really...

I started looking on line about the 'Man Bun"  (which by the way is a word, in fact it's a noun) and stated...

"According to their annual beauty trend report, the number of searches with term "man bun" skyrocketed this year, after nearly ten years of just blips and bloops on their radar. In their own words, it is a "rising star."

"Rising Star"...really?!? Then I snooped a tad more and discovered that summed up how I feel about the "Man Bun"

Top 5 Reasons A Guy Should Never Wear A 'Man Bun"

  1. Life Is Confusing Enought Without Those Extra Five Seconds Of Thinking You Have Woken Up With A Woman.
  2. He Will Steal Your  Hairdryer.
  3. Only Older Ladies (like me) Can Rock Them.
  4. Nobody Wants To Reach Up To A Man's Head and Be Reminded Of Their Nana In The Bedroom.
  5. They Are Worn By Men Who Can't Grow Beards (okay, maybe that is just a bit mean).

Boys will be boys, so "Man Bun'!

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