Thanksgiving is about two weeks away. But, that's not preventing residents of southwest Michigan from getting a head start on that holiday cheer. After all, it's 2020! There are no rules!

News Channel 3 WWMT recently published an article highlighting a local resident of Three Rivers, Jenny Kerr.

Over the unusually warm weekend, Jenny, a former Kalamazoo resident, decided to put up her holiday decorations. Her front yard features a "candy cane lane" that winds up to the front door as well as a snowman standing 9 & 1/2 feet tall. When asked why Jenny decided to decorate so early she said,

Coronavirus. I needed to bring some joy to my life. Especially with the election and things like that. I needed something better to focus on.

After reading her statement I had a feeling that she wouldn't be alone. And, as it turns out, I was right.

Last night, I posed the question to the Kalamazoo area on our Facebook page and asked them to provide pictures if they, indeed, had already started decorating. You all did not disappoint.

Amber T said: outside is done! We got lights up while we have 70 degrees temps last weekend. Very smart.

Julie S commented: Lights and decorations up outside but waiting until after Thanksgiving for indoors (maybe). 

Emma C posted: It's been up a few days... Lol along with a picture (seen below). Gorgeous!

Emma Corrine Christmas Decorations

As well, Gwen M was kind enough to share a photo of her Christmas tree, also already up:

Gwen Matthews Christmas Decorations

Wow. I'm learning that my tree decorating skills are in need of some serious improvement. Those trees are impressive! Of course, not everyone is on the same page.

Samantha D simply put: Nope...

Shawn B, as well, said: Haven’t started not in the mood yet.

Regardless of whether or not you're putting up your holiday decorations early I think we can all agree, this year especially, if something makes you happy, do it.

Thank you to everyone who participated and to those who showed off their holiday decorations! If you'd like to show off your holiday decorations but didn't post them on our Facebook page, no worries! There's an entire Facebook group dedicated to Christmas lights in the Kalamazoo area. Check it out here.

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