From choosing the right dress and rings to how to use the bathroom while wearing a wedding dress, this Kalamazoo TikTok creator has you covered.

Blake Kuzma has been creating videos on TikTok as @TheTikTokBride since January of 2020.  Blake is originally from Canadian Lakes, MI and now works for WMU here in Kalamazoo.  She has nearly 162 thousand followers and a whopping 4.8 million likes.  In fact, a couple of her videos are about to reach 1 million views each.

Blake points out how boring most wedding bands are for men.  But she finds the perfect ring in this video that has been viewed over 610 thousand times.

If I'm being honest, I am blown away that this video doesn't have a million views.  Blake dueted a genius yet, hilarious hack on how to use the bathroom while wearing your wedding dress.  This video has been viewed over 151 thousand times.

Blake has pretty cool ideas on Easter eggs for your wedding with out doing a full theme.  Marvel fans, you might want to see this.  This video has been viewed 140 thousand times.

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In this video that has been viewed nearly 180 thousand times, @thetiktokbride duets a hilarious moment to send a message to all of the gamers on TikTok.

This video is just about to hit one million views.  What fictitious couple best represents you and your significant other?

We reached out to Blake with questions but haven't heard back yet.  But after a little harmless internet stalking I can confirm that she did in fact get engaged late last year.


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