This young Kalamazoo mother has gone viral with her funny videos and mom hacks.

Shelby, also known as @SparkleGiggleSmile on social media currently has 10.2 thousand followers and over 206 thousand total video likes on TikTok.  Shelby has risen in popularity due to her hacks, tricks, and tips for new moms and moms-to-be.  This is how Shelby describes her content on her Facebook page,

Everyday Mama Life & Style. Hiya- I’m Shelby!  Let’s survive motherhood together!  Real-life, laughter & hauls in stories!

Her tip on how to save time and prevent frustration when making your baby's bed is simple but genius.  The video clearly resonated with many people as it has been viewed 719.5 thousand times.  This is @SparkleGiggleSmile's second most viewed video to date.

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With 180.4 thousand views, this video is nowhere close to her most viewed videos.  However, it's my favorite.  This TikTok is likely inspirational to many expecting mothers as she embraces her pregnant body, but it's also hilarious for all the right reasons.  I love it.

Shelby's most viewed video showcases a super momma-friendly bassinet.  This video has been viewed over 764.5 thousand times.

I don't usually love lip-sync videos, but this one is fire and has been viewed 284.2 times.

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