A Kalamazoo woman has turned her creative small business into viral videos on TikTok.

Sarah a.k.a. @reclaimpurpose on TikTok currently has 13.3 thousand followers and 1.5 million total video likes.  Sarah repurposes old clothing and material to make some pretty amazing pieces.  Everything from clothing, home decor, and jewelry.  Most of her TikTok videos show her creative process and finished results.  However, her most viral videos have to do with a recent winter weather incident.

Sarah posted a video on November 18th of a Kalamazoo school bus getting stuck in the snow.  There were lots of copies of this video floating around.  Judging by the high number of views, hers must be the original.  This video has been viewed 9.3 million times so far with 1.5 million likes.

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The next day, she posted a video update on the school bus situation while showing how dangerous the roads were.  That video was viewed 20.8 thousand times.

Reclaimpurpose's second most viewed video showcases her reclaimed Adidas jackets.  This video has been viewed 61.2 thousand times.

In this video, Sarah shows off her modified Adidas tracksuit.  This video has been viewed 22 thousand times.

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