A young Southwest Michigan mother of 6 has taken ParentTok by storm with her goofy and relatable videos about raising a family.

Alicia Waldron also known as @italiamama89 on TikTok, currently has 28 thousand followers and over 100.5 thousand total video likes on the popular social media app. Here's what Waldron had to say when I asked her why she makes TikTok videos,

I like to relate to other moms, especially those who have large families such as myself. I also would say Goofy, silly, funny.... the weirder the better. My 8-year-old daughter and I love to make TikToks together. ( We have 6 kiddos all together, my other girls love making them too, but since they're foster daughters I am not allowed to use their content on social media.)

When Alicia's not playing mom to her large family and making fun TikToks, she runs The Lunchbox Food Truck & Catering.

Waldron's biggest TikTok features a little back and forth between her and one of her daughters while lip-syncing a Jennifer Lopez song.  This video has been viewed 613.2 thousand times so far.

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Waldron's second most-watched video is a duet about the good and bad of having daughters.

A lot has been said about the melody of the alphabet song.  But did you realize what it sounds like?  If you get it, you get it.

It's hard to argue against the fact that in most homes, moms seem to have a way of controlling the children that dads just haven't figured out yet.

When asked who her favorite TikToker is, the first person to come to Alicia's mind was the very smiley Scott D Henry.  Click his name to check out his TikTok profile.

See more of Alicia's work on TikTok by clicking here.

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