A 20-year-old Kalamazoo influencer is killing the game on TikTok by just being himself.

Jay aka @datsjayjayy on TikTok currently has 451.7 thousand followers and 16.7 million total video likes on the popular social media app. Jay has multiple videos that have surpassed the million-view milestone. We asked Jay what he does for a living and it turns out, TikTok was the answer,

I create TikTok content such as hair videos, mini dance videos, and promotional videos.

This is how he describes his TikTok channel,

I would describe my TikTok content as Fun, Unpredictable, and attention-grabbing, almost like a set of Uno cards very unexpected!

Jay's most watched video so far is a very short video of himself goofing off with a friend at a gas station.  This video was viewed 2.7 million times.  They also did a video where they both do the dance that was viewed 2.3 million times.

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A hair tutorial that Jay just uploaded a couple of weeks ago has already reached 2 million views and 426.8 thousand likes.

This hair tutorial was uploaded less than a month ago and had already reached 1.4 million views with 364.7 thousand likes.

JayJay's favorite TikTokers include:

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